Thursday 21 April 2016

Draw on Map with MapCortex Free Web Map

After a long while we are pleased to announce that the MapCortex Free Web Map is functional. It is very much an early release and majority of features are still missing but you can certainly start going nuts and create drawing on the map.

The current (still rather alpha version) enables users to draw lines, poly-lines, free-lines, polygons, arrows and shapes on a web map. It is also possible to change colour of these shapes, change the width of the line segments and last but not least one may change the opacity of the polygon, circle or triangle elements on the map.

This basic web map is designed with cross-browser compatibility in mind; it should run in many desktop and mobile browsers. The control elements are also laid out on the way that those are still accessible and visible even in your mobile phone browser.

So, let's see what we can do on this map. First of all, there are 10 base maps you can use. Yes, 10! Two different type of Street Maps, aerial photography, topographic and many illustrative maps. You can choose a cool looking black background map to create the necessary darkish atmosphere:

US on a cool black map background

There are options for aerial imagery as well - here you can see the Taipei 101 (slightly in clouds as Taiwan is rather a sub-tropical country). The building is in circle - you can also draw such elements on the map!
Taipei 101 in clouds on an aerial photography

Also, there is another aerial shot of Sydney Harbour - you can easily spot the Sydney Opera House!

Sydney Harbour Aerial Photography

The following example is to show how it is looking like when you create a map with address location and an arrow pointing to the location - this time we are in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate!

Brandenburg Gate Aerial Photography with markers

...and lastly, let us move to New York and see a crude overview of the island with the standard street map on.
New York Street View Map Image

Well, this is it. A you can see this web map not only enables you to draw on various basemaps, but also incorporates a global address search function - which is always good if you are trying to locate an address.

The following additional features are still to be implemented, so watch this space:
  • Deleting your drawings from the map.
  • Undo/Redo button.
  • Measuring length and area.
  • ...and many more!

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