Monday, 3 June 2019

Search Engine with a Difference - Goliath Search

I have been stumbled across with a new Search Engine called Goliath Search. It seems a standard web search engine at first but using it a few times made me realize that search results are really different than using Google and Bing - I would say the provided search results are more aligned with the search term and really didn't brought up any spam-like websites either.

What I really liked that this search engine also provides you with a PDF search facility. This means that all of returned search results are actually PDF documents rather web pages. This is a very unique feature, which no other search engine provides - unless the user puts special codes in to the search term.

All in all - Goliath Search is a rather unique search engine and I shall recommend all my readers to give it a try...its free :)

Read more about this search engine...access some additional features of this search engine here...

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