Thursday 24 March 2016

Welcome MapCortex!

This is it. Looks like after a lengthy struggle the MapCortex public beta is coming out shortly. The Windows 8.1-based Map client is stable, few basic features are to be added, but essentially it is good to go. The design is still a bit tacky, but that will be ironed out in the forthcoming releases.

The map project sharing option is functioning fine, this seemed to be a rather excessive task at the end, but it is now up and running too - users can share their map drawings amongst each other and continue and edit their work accordingly.

We are in the process of completing the map image sharing feature, this is still lagging behind a bit, but at least we can see the first real milestone coming up on that as well.

Well, this is it now folks, the rest is up to our dev team now. Will keep you all informed here on Blogspot.