Wednesday 28 April 2021

arcpy.Copy_management misses out database schemas from path

 This is what I have just encountered today. When I add the second parameter to the arcpy.Copy_management toolbox the actual filename must not contain point characters (which is related to schema names). 

So for instance, if you try to copy a mosaic dataset from r"d:\SDEConnections\myconnection.sde\" to a location of r"d:\tempfgdb\" after running this toolbox you will end up with a copied mosaic dataset in your destination but without schmea names - in this case this would be r"d:\tempfgdb\mymosaic_dataset".

Solution/workaround is - don't try to copy schema names. 

Monday 22 March 2021

Where is Create ArcSDE Connection File toolbox gone from ArcMap 10.8.1?

Good question, isn't it? ESRI decided that you will not be able to connect to an ArcSDE instance from ArcMap 10.7 onwards. Its a way too old architecture, so it should be revised and deprecated in favour of the same product that is wrapped into a different framework. 

ITs a bit of a shame if your corporate architecture has multiple running instances - seems like you will be spending a lot of money to replace this if you want to enable users to connect to the database via this engine.

What is going to be the next ESRI? Deprecating the database connection tools only allowing your fancy cloud datastore or something similar? Or even better - no database conenction should be allowed from ESRI at all!!! Either you connect to a ArcGIS service or buzz off. 

Now you have to pay me for this good idea...