Monday 13 February 2017

MapCortex - Redesign Endeavours

Owing to some serious issues behind the logging in system we decided to update the MapCortex Windows Store app and remove majority of the back-end system. This endeavour has already yielded a great result and we are delighted to announce that we already have over 1000 users worldwide. The shortcomings of not having a backend system is temporary as we are in the process of designing a more integrated solution. This new solution will encompass of the following features:

  • Users are not required to log in. This means you can use the system out of box - no login required.
  • Logging in will be required only if you wish to post a screenshot to our site, or save a project to your Onedrive.
  • The logging in system will be integrated with the Windows authentication mechanism, thus making the whole process very smooth and less tedious than in the previous version.
  • No more Google login (sorry Google fanatics), though this enables MapCortex to expand to users located in People's Republic of China as well.
  • There are no limits of screenshots. You can send as much as you like - sane rules still applies.
  • Data can be attached to map elements, thus enabling MapCortex to operate as a simple Geographic Information System.
  • Mobile tracking and data collection app will be delivered along with the main system, thus enabling users to collect data and track their mobile phones.
This is pretty much it. We received a request of enabling drawing circles on MapCortex, yet this feature will probably be postponed due to certain technical issues. The web interface also gets re-designed shortly.

MapCortex Team