Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Measure Area with MapCortex Free Web Map tool

Today we will introduce the measure area function of the MapCortex Free Web Map tool. This little tool enables you to measure area on a map using a wide range of measurement metrics.

Measure area with MapCortex Free Web Map
Measure area with MapCortex Free Web Map
As you can see on the previous screenshot we measured the area of the VA Lakeside Hospital in Chicago. The tool enabled us to easily draw the shape of the hospital building around and in the little measure tool window in the upper left hand corner was showing the measurement results dynamically.

Area measurement metrics
Area measurement metrics

The measure area toolbar also enables you to select the metrics of the measurement. Currently there are seven different types of metrics available such as Acres, Sq Miles, Sq Kilometres, Hectares, Sq Yards, Sq Feet and Sq Meters.

By completing the measurement we find out that the overall area of the main building of the VA Lakeside Hospital is 6035.5 meters squared.

Needless to say that the measure area tool of the MapCortex Free Web Map can also be used with different basemaps such as using the aerial photography. The following image shows the measurement of the area of Lennox Suits hotel at 616 using the aerial photography basemap layer.

Area measurement with aerial photography basemap
Area measurement with aerial photography basemap

As you can see with MapCortex Free Web Map making accurate measurements is easy to do.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Drawing Toolbar Features of the MapCortex Free Web Map

As we already mentioned in our previous post the MapCortex Free Web Map system contains a rather advanced drawing toolbar enabling You to draw whatever image you fancy on a wide range of maps. Let's have a look on what is this toolbar like then and what are those features you can use.

So, this is how the Free Web Map looks like with a drawing toolbar opened in a Google Chrome desktop environment. Needless to say this is a very responsive system and enables you to operate even in your smartphone browser environment. The toolbar itself is re-sizeable, thus being able to match your screen size.

As you can see on the above image you can draw 10 different types of symbol along with text data. This is a pretty cool feature and further of this you can also choose the colour of the line, the width and even the transparency. Oh yes, and the actual style of the line can be selected too!

With the MapCortex Free Web Map system anyone can start drawing on a map - literally anything!

Thursday, 5 May 2016

MapCortex free web map redesign announcement

Dear folks

After conducting a series of tests we have come to the conclusion that the current configuration of the MapCortex Free Webmap is unlikely will be able to stay future proof in terms of mobile browser compliance.

Owing to this reason we decided to utilize a slightly different approach on this implementation of this system. This doesn't mean that the current features will be missed out, every implemented features will stay as it is but the layout will probably change.

The selection of basemap layers will stay along with the already implemented drawing and measuring tools. However, it is likely that map drawings screenshot images can be posted to out archives though without being able to specifying the poster person name.

As soon the implementation is completed we will let you know on our blog.

MapCortex Team