Monday 11 July 2016

Reliable street map with English street names of Chinese cities

If you happen to be an English speaker and travelling to China you will quickly realise that you cannot really rely on the usual online mapping system that you used back home. You may see streets not aligned well, probably many streets and landmarks will be missing and if you try to use some of the app of some local online map providers - well it will be accurate but the street names will be written in Chinese.

However, with MapCortex Free Edition you can get access to a very reliable and accurate street map covering the whole of People's Republic of China - with English street names!!! Don't you believe us? Just install MapCortex Free Edition, move to any Chinese city, zoom in to the street level and select Street Map - Standard layer. All street names and landmarks will be in English - no exceptions.

Sunday 3 July 2016

MapCortex Free Edition is in Windows Store!

This is it. The product is out! It is a rather great milestone for us all here, the final product is ready to roll into the world of online mapping and design.

You can get it via clicking on this link:
MapCortex Free Edition

There might be a bug here and there, but generally speaking it is in good working order. So let's do it! :D

The MapCortex Team