Monday 4 April 2016

MapCortex backend service migrations - completed schedule

Last weekend we migrated the development and test environment from the Japanese infrastructure to California - and we did that for one reason. It is expected that majority of the free release users will be coming from English speaking environment, which would make sense then to deploy the supporting service at this location. However, we also carried out a series of tests and we concluded the followings.

  • The global access speed of the web map gallery interface is the best for US-based servers.
  • European users will have no issues to reach these US-based servers with high efficiency.
  • Hosting and infrastructure costs are lower than in Japan.
  • Web access speed for Japan-hosted web applications (without CDN) seems slightly slow for European consumers - though this is not true on the other way around, when Japanese consumers are accessing European or US servers.
  • It has been noted that users from the People's Republic of China might have issues accessing the web interface based in US owing to various, globally meaningful technical and commercial reasons, but our tests revealed that users have no issues accessing our service from Shanghai or Beijing.
  • It has also been noted that in case of network and access issues between the US and Asian servers MapCortex might be released as a separate application for Asian-based consumers, hosted in a Hong-Kong based platform.
  • Our current development effort has been focused on the web-map gallery application development, which is the last phase of this release.

Stay tuned for more...

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