Thursday 9 June 2016

MapCortex Version 1.0 - nearly there

After several weeks of lengthy struggle we finally arrived to a very important stage - we are nearly done. The MapCortex Windows store application is good to go - along with some extra features we added in to the users.

So what you will be able to do with it? Plenty of things, such as:

  • Drawing on maps.
  • Sharing your drawing with your friends and they can continue editing and manipulating the drawing - and send it back to you too!
  • Create a screenshot of the map and drawing and post it for free on our website!
  • Add a hyper-link to each screenshot, which would help you relate the map screen shots.
  • Add over 100's of icons to the map.
  • Select from over 10 basemaps, including 3 streetmaps.
Yes, we need to emphasis on one thing - it is for free! :D

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