Thursday 2 March 2017

Laika, the space dog!

Do you know who was Laika? She was the first living creature in space, sent up by the Russian/Soviet space cadets in the late fifties. She was destined not to come back, but she has proven that space travel is feasible for humans.

These days some animal right activist claims that Laika treatment was inhuman, breaching all current animal right legislation, the Soviets are soul-less, cruel fiends and so on. Regrettably they often forget that becoming a real hero means that you will die at some point on the way to become a hero. Laika probably wouldn't have liked the fact that she will be shoot out with a rocket then fry to death during the course, but I am sure that she was treated very well before her journey and she is still well remembered about her deed to help us to start exploring space.

Would have Laika chosen to become and die as a space hero instead of staying a nameless street dog of Moscow, or perhaps sitting in a cage whilst being protected by federal laws and waiting to be picked up by a stranger? Hardly...

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