Sunday 19 March 2017

MapCortex Free Edition - latest release in Windows Store

The latest release of MapCortex has been published to the Windows Store. Please don't forget to update your current version in order to enjoy the added functionalities.

The current version is Major features of this release are as follows:

  • Bug-fix related to Undo/Redo functionalities;
  • Bug-fix related to Map element identification;
  • Bug-fix related to Address Search functionality;
  • New functionality: login via Microsoft Account;
  • New functionality: Save map screenshots to your OneDrive
  • New functionality: Manage and send screenshot images via your Microsoft Email account.
  • New web management panel with integrated login system.
The next release is likely to be focusing on following features:
  • Relocate element join points.
  • Select map elements with a rectangle - highlight selected elements.
  • Add data table attributes to map element layers.
  • Visualize data attribute elements.
  • Save data attributes in database file.
  • Save project as specially developed file solely for MapCortex.
Hope you enjoy using MapCortex Free Edition

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