Monday, 11 March 2019

How to make ArcGIS Diagrammer to work on systems with ArcMap 10.3+

ArcGIS Diagrammer is a pretty good - if not the only - visual database design tool that can help you create complex geodatabase models.

ArcGIS Diagrammer in Action
ArcGIS Diagrammer in Action

Unfortunately if your ArcMap installation is higher than 10.2 then you will see an error when you try to run ArcGIS Diagrammer after installation. Regrettably ESRI doesn't want to officially support Diagrammer anymore.

The solution however is very simple. There are a bunch of dll files that you need to copy to the BIN folder under your Diagrammer installation folder (in windows its normally C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS Diagrammer).

After you copied these dll's into the BIN folder just start Diagrammer as you would normally do and will work.

Just click to the ArcGIS Diagrammer DLL text to download the zip file.


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