Wednesday 13 April 2016

Shanghai City Center Map from the 19th Century

I have just found this rather well detailed Shanghai city centre map whilst I was looking for something else on the web. This map seems that it has been hand-drawn using the engineering design drawing principles. The map not only shows the streets, its names and building locations, but the lines and the circles are probably showing the location of the waste-water of the city - although I cannot confirm this.
Shanghai City Center Map from the 19th Century
The street titles are shown in English thus make me come to the impression that the author either English speaker or provided to this map-making service to an English speaking client.

There are some brownish discolouration on the paper yet this does not seem to compromise the readability or quality of the map.I believe this map is a rather interesting finding for our archives and please feel free to download it if you wish to do so.

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